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It’s always interesting when someone you don’t expect to hear from contacts you. Especially when it happens twice in one day, and especially when it’s a family friend.

I’ve recently added a lot of my family and family friends to my social networks. It’s confusing because it’s not like there are things that I’m actively hiding from them, my profiles have always been open, but they just never happened to be priveledged to the information previously. So I get concerned emails, IMs, texts. I guess I never really noticed how much of an angsty bitch I can be on the internet. When I get frustrated, the first thing I do is send out angry tweets on my personal account. Now that there are people following me aside from my “peers,” or maybe now that my “peer group” is evolving into a more sophisticated group of people, I have to be more concious of how I portray myself via the intertubes. I even feel weird typing “via the intertubes,” I feel like I should be classy and say something like “through the virtual network of communication manifested on the world wide web.” 
I think I’ll put my personal twitter on private. In addition to things like this (which I don’t have a problem with!), more people are following this account whom I do not know personally (which I do have a problem with).

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