My name is Marie, but I mostly go by Re. I am a vegetarian and I love music, computers, and photography. I love summer and hate winter.

I am currently working on getting my degree from George Mason University. I am on the executive board of the Pride Alliance here at Mason, and I like to work with LGBTQ students.

I’ve done well in a few retail jobs and one food service job. These have helped me develop my customer service skills, and I pride myself on the way I work to make customers happy. Aside from this, most of my experience has been classroom experience. I took a class about Events Management in which my classmates and I planned the majority of a conference on leadership and positive psychology.

I would like to do a few internships in various fields, including computer science and events management. These are the two that I am most interested in, and my long-term goal is to own an events venue and work with CS and IT as a hobby that will (hopefully) also generate income.

An additional hobby of mine is photography, and I hope to integrate this into any sort of long-term work I may encounter.

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