Hetero-sex-ual, homo-sex-ual, bi-sex-ual. These things are all tied into sex. None of them describe the way I feel. I’m a person. “Sex” is not what I use to define myself.
I am a person, I am romantic, I am attracted to my significant other, my significant other has a penis. These things do not define me.
I have thoughts and dreams and hopes, I have accomplishments and I make mistakes. I like to watch movies and play on the computer. I have hair that I dye different colors depending on my mood.
Don’t all these things say more about me than my so-called “sexuality”?

2 Responses to “Sexual Identity”
  1. falafel sam says:

    “Sex” is also a synonym for Gender. You are diluting the word to fit your rant.

    • Re says:

      This, my friends, is an example of ignorance. Sex and gender are not synonymous. Sex refers to the biological makeup of a person; what someone is assigned at birth. Gender refers to that which the person identifies with, the external identification, portrayal of self.

      Sex, as I used above, is mostly in reference to the act of sexual intercourse, which is another thing entirely.

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