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I don’t really know why I’m awake. I took some pictures in some cool outfits earlier. I’m supposed to be cleaning up my room. or sleeping. I think I’ll go to bed after I post this. It’s an outfit I made a while ago. I guess about a year ago. It’s two pieces, a top and a skirt, but it looks like a dress kind of. I guess it’s a summer look and I should probably wear it out sometime. See it on lookbook.

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I moved out of college. I had to take all of my stuff and move it into the house in which my parents have been living. There was a bunch of my crap already in the room into which I am moving. I’ve been trying to sort through the overabundance of clothing I have, and get rid of most of it. I found this green crocheted sweater that I forgot all about. My grandmother gave me a bunch of sweaters and I think this is the only one I’m going to keep. View on Lookbook.

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There was a day that was rainy and beautiful. I had final exams to worry about but all I could think of was how lovely the rain was. Coincidentally, I found my camera that morning. I wanted to capture all the beauty of nature and the feeling that the rain brought about. I found a friend and ventured outside, but the rain had paused. We took a picture anyways. View on lookbook.

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Today started out pretty good, but has gotten progressively worse, so the beginning of this post is going to be rather inconsequential ranting.

I went out to pick up some craft supplies in preparation for Valentine’s Day. In order to get to my car, I have to take a shuttle to the parking lot that freshman at my college are required to park in. This shuttle happened to be 20 minutes late today. By the time I got to the store, it had been closed for three minutes. Not wanting to have gone out for nothing, I decided to run by Safeway to do some grocery shopping. I found nothing that I wanted and completely forgot to grab more water bottles, so I still have nothing to drink in my house. Not to be outdone by chance, I decided to stop by Ruby Tuesday and grab dinner to go. Let’s just say that didn’t go to well, and I now have pasta sauce everywhere.

I’ve been trying to balance everything in my life recently. School and work have been hard to get used to, and I’ve already missed an assignment in a class. I’ve gotten interested in photography again, and am thinking about buying a new camera. I want a higher quality camera, but I’m not quite sure what to get. Ideas?

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I’ve been paying an extraordinary amount of attention to the internet the past couple of days. I’ve been reading blogs and becoming much more immersed in twitter. I’ve actually payed attention to a little bit of news, and realized that there is actually a lot more information available than I thought – which is saying something. I would like to take some time to go on a tangent about fifteen year old girls.

There is a certain company I know of owned by a fifteen year old girl. The company is exactly what you would expect – they sell necklaces and other jewelry, presumably handmade. While I can appreciate the initiative the company has made, I don’t think that owning said company is enough to lift the owner to rock star status. Maybe I’m wrong, but I personally don’t like being told to “stfu” by a fifteen year old business owner because they aren’t near a computer to unfollow me on twitter. I never told you to follow me.

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