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I’ve been paying an extraordinary amount of attention to the internet the past couple of days. I’ve been reading blogs and becoming much more immersed in twitter. I’ve actually payed attention to a little bit of news, and realized that there is actually a lot more information available than I thought – which is saying something. I would like to take some time to go on a tangent about fifteen year old girls.

There is a certain company I know of owned by a fifteen year old girl. The company is exactly what you would expect – they sell necklaces and other jewelry, presumably handmade. While I can appreciate the initiative the company has made, I don’t think that owning said company is enough to lift the owner to rock star status. Maybe I’m wrong, but I personally don’t like being told to “stfu” by a fifteen year old business owner because they aren’t near a computer to unfollow me on twitter. I never told you to follow me.

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