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So I made this jumper. It’s black and it has buttons made from real shells. My friend Meg says it’s cute, but I’ve never worn it. My friend TJ says it’s not. He just has something against jumpers, or overalls, or cute things, I guess. I’m sitting in his office right now. There are also things like crayons and legos in here, so I guess it’s a playroom too. There used to be pokemon toys but I stole them all and now they’re in my room. He’s fighting on the couch with Justine. She called him a little sorority bitch. See on lookbook.

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I don’t really know why I’m awake. I took some pictures in some cool outfits earlier. I’m supposed to be cleaning up my room. or sleeping. I think I’ll go to bed after I post this. It’s an outfit I made a while ago. I guess about a year ago. It’s two pieces, a top and a skirt, but it looks like a dress kind of. I guess it’s a summer look and I should probably wear it out sometime. See it on lookbook.

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I moved out of college. I had to take all of my stuff and move it into the house in which my parents have been living. There was a bunch of my crap already in the room into which I am moving. I’ve been trying to sort through the overabundance of clothing I have, and get rid of most of it. I found this green crocheted sweater that I forgot all about. My grandmother gave me a bunch of sweaters and I think this is the only one I’m going to keep. View on Lookbook.

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