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This is probably a cliche thing to write about right now, but it’s kind of important to me in this moment.
(Part of) 4chan (a website) declared “war” on Tumblr (another website). Basically, a bunch of folks from 4chan have something against a bunch of folks from Tumblr, and decided to try and destroy the website via overloading servers, etc.

Points against Tumblr:
Folks on Tumblr seem glad that for some reason 4chan is down for like five minutes. First of all, just because something is down temporarily doesn’t mean it is gone forever. They are most likely not down, nor will they be down. Second, SO MUCH OF THE CRAP YOU REBLOG ALL THE TIME COMES FROM 4CHAN. Do you really not realize that you will have no content if 4chan is shut down? Third, there are many different parts of 4chan. I don’t care about any of the parts, but seriously, don’t blame every user of the site for what’s happening.

Points against 4chan:
This is actually just directed at the parts of 4chan causing this issue. First, just as not everyone on 4chan is the same, not everyone on Tumblr is the same. By causing downtime for Tumblr, you are causing downtime for many many companies who take advantage of Tumblr’s easy to use blogging structure to get information to their customers. Students also use Tumblr for varying purposes, and I currently don’t have access to my class blog. Thanks.

Points against everyone:

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“Thank you for joining our discussion. We would like to remind you that this chat room is rated E.”

Games are rated on a pretty messed up scale. The most “harmless” games are rated E for “everyone.”
Well, LIFE isn’t rated E. There are things that seriously are just too much for some people to deal with. That’s why people are GROWING. They’re learning to deal with things. The movie scale is much more correct. “Harmless” movies are rated G for General. The general population makes it through life okay. There aren’t too many problems for most people. Next step up is PG. Parental guidance. Some people need help with certain themes in life, need a little guidance, therapy to make it through. Not a big deal. Then we get PG-13 themes. Things that people are expected to eventually figure out how to deal with on their own.
I don’t think I even need to go any farther.

Just some thoughts I had.

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