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Sometimes I tell myself about all the things I need to do. I look anywhere other than my computer screen and see all the things piled around me waiting to be done. My room needs work, I need to sew, I need to do this or that. Then I turn back to my computer and read blogs like hipsterrunoff dot com and wonder what I’m doing with my life. I go on twitter and complain about how lonely I feel, and I get frustrated thinking about how I really just wish my boyfriend would call me. 

Today he called me around 9:30. He hasn’t called me in a couple days, he’s been busy or something. I guess I mean, people get busy, whatevs. I’ve called him a couple times but he’s always like, yo I’ll call you back. Today when I talked to him he fell asleep on the phone. He does this sometimes and it pisses me off. Then I stay up later and later, telling myself I’ll get something productive done but really just wasting time on facebook and tumblr and twitter and hro. I stay up waiting for him to wake up and call me back, but he never does. Sometimes the next day I find out he woke up but didn’t call back because he didn’t want to wake me up, but I wasn’t asleep in the first place.
I live in the middle of nowhere right now. I’m an hour and a half away from the nearest non-relative person I know. So it’s not like I can distract myself by going out with my friends like I used to do. I also can’t get myself to go to sleep for some reason. So I dress up and go in my bathroom and take pictures. That’s not what happened with this one though, this one I took friday night at TJ’s house. you can see it on lookbook too.

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It’s always interesting when someone you don’t expect to hear from contacts you. Especially when it happens twice in one day, and especially when it’s a family friend.

I’ve recently added a lot of my family and family friends to my social networks. It’s confusing because it’s not like there are things that I’m actively hiding from them, my profiles have always been open, but they just never happened to be priveledged to the information previously. So I get concerned emails, IMs, texts. I guess I never really noticed how much of an angsty bitch I can be on the internet. When I get frustrated, the first thing I do is send out angry tweets on my personal account. Now that there are people following me aside from my “peers,” or maybe now that my “peer group” is evolving into a more sophisticated group of people, I have to be more concious of how I portray myself via the intertubes. I even feel weird typing “via the intertubes,” I feel like I should be classy and say something like “through the virtual network of communication manifested on the world wide web.” 
I think I’ll put my personal twitter on private. In addition to things like this (which I don’t have a problem with!), more people are following this account whom I do not know personally (which I do have a problem with).

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