I am intrigued by the girl that is watching us. She has been watching us all evening.
We've been writing papers and mingling, meeting, learning.
I wonder about her thought processes.
Does she want to talk to us? Is she watching because she wants to be a part of our community?
Maybe she's judging us.
She's giving us values and putting us into groups in her mind. She's organizing her social atmosphere and placing us at the lowest layer, the least important strata.
I find this hard to believe. If she wanted to disassociate herself from us, why would she stay so close for so long?

One Response to “Stigma”
  1. Ben Masters says:

    Interesting thoughts, especially the notion that all of us always organize our social atmospheres. I’ve known people who are hyper-sensitive to the judgments of others, but to be complacent about it– to be non-anxious about it– frees us to live in the world as it is, and maybe to engage with each other with a degree of grace.

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