I have two twitter accounts. With one of them, I follow upward of 700 people and use the account to share information and learn about the internet world. I don't check it everyday, and I certainly don't read every tweet.

On my other account, I follow my friends and other people who I actually want to keep in touch with and talk to on a regular basis, as well as organzations I care about or want to get constant updates from. I only have about 70 people that I follow from this account, and I read every single tweet as it comes to my phone.

One of my friends (@bigsamthompson) recommended a few people to follow because they have interesting updates, including @iamsh4wn and the musician @johncmayer. I followed these from my more personal account, since I wanted to actually get and enjoy their tweets.

While I do enjoy John Mayer's music, it's not my favorite. His music is not why I follow him. I follow him because his tweets are fun to read, and they make my day a little brighter/thoughtful/something. However, since he is a "famous musician," smaller bands piggyback off of his fame. I've had a few bands/singers/songwriters that I've never heard of start following me, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I've followed them back for now, and a couple of them have interesting things to say. However, they also mention their music a bit more than I'd like. Also, since I've followed a couple of them, even more have decided to add me. I'm not really sure how I feel about musicians on twitter trying to get more people interested in their work. I feel as though twitter should be a place to connect with your existing fanbase, or even people who don't really care about your music but think you're an interesting person.

Does anyone else have opinions on this matter?

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